Furnace Installations

Gas Furnace Installation

Through many years of experience with gas furnaces, we have gained a wealth of experience. We take pride in our ability to install, replace and repair gas furnaces efficiently. At Accurate Baker Elman we strive to deliver the best service possible by assessing your home and finding the perfect fit when it comes to gas furnaces. We provide our customers with more than one option and walk you through them all so that they feel comfortable with their decision. 

At Accurate Baker Elman, we know what it takes to install, replace or repair gas furnaces. We offer top-notch gas furnace services:

  • Gas Furnace Installation
  • Gas Furnace Service
  • Gas Furnace Maintenance

We have been offering HVAC services in the Franklin, MA area since 1989. Our trained technicians have a wide range of experience with new gas furnace installations, gas furnace repairs, and gas furnace replacements. From the installation at a new build to the gas connection to solutions for existing properties; we will provide you with the best five star customer service experience.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Gas Furnace Installation

The efficiency of your gas furnace drops as the usage period increases and that means higher bills. A gas furnace with top efficiency will cut down your utility bill. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader by alwayslatest technology, making us offer you strictly the best when it comes heating efficiently.

Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

If heating your home with your furnace system during freezing weather conditions starts to raise your utility bill a little too high, than schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians to identify and solve the problem. Our technicians are well-trained and have successfully repaired several gas furnaces. Regardless of the furnace model; we can fix it quickly so you can be cozy in your home.

How to decide when to replace your gas furnace

A gas furnace repair is usually cheaper than a total replacement, however, the efficiency of your gas furnace drops as the usage period increases. Gas furnaces over 15 years old can waste up to 45% of the heat they generate which will only make your energy bill rise.  Don’t let your old gas furnace become a money sink. Call Accurate Baker Elman today and we can help you make an informed decision on whether to repair or replace your furnace system.

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