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Gas Furnaces

Get reliable, efficient heat in the harsh Massachusetts winters with a natural gas furnace from Mitsubishi and Accurate Baker Elman. Built to last, our gas furnaces are the choice for the majority of modern homes with central heating and air conditioning. Whether you are looking for a variable-speed gas furnace, single- or two-stage heating, we have you covered. Our selection of gas furnaces are guaranteed to keep your home warmer, your bills lower, and those winter months a little more enjoyable.


Heat Pump

Don’t let the name fool you. These units pull from the ground or outside air temperature to both heat and cool your home to perfection. A reliable choice.

heating services

Heating Coil

Get the most out of your air conditioner or heat pump with a properly
matched evaporator coil from Trane. Whether you need an A/C
evaporator coil, furnace coil, or a matched heat pump evaporator coil
a Trane certified specialist can help you choose the best option for
your HVAC system.


Air Conditioners

Summer is for relaxing, not battling the heat. A Trane central air conditioner
allows you to rest comfortable day or night while eliminating the worry about
your next utility bill. Each of our central air conditioning systems are designed
to give you a cooler, happier life. So whether you’re hosting a summer get together
or having a movie night in, you can relax peacefully knowing your home
cooling needs are backed by a Trane air conditioner.

The benefits of owning a Trane central air conditioner don’t end after installation.
Each of our central air conditioning units are backed with a Trane warranty, guaranteeing a cooler,
more comfortable home year round..


Ductless System

Get reliable heating and cooling without the ductwork with a ductless heating and cooling system by Trane. Built for superior comfort, our combination ductless heating and cooling systems can be easily mounted on the wall or in the ceiling. Ductless HVAC systems are a flexible, high-efficiency choice for homeowners looking for simple zoned comfort solutions and a quick install for when you need air conditioning ASAP.


Indoor Air Quality

In general, indoor air is four to five times as polluted as outdoor air. Exposure to indoor air pollutants has increased due to a variety of factors, including the increased use of synthetic building materials and furnishings, chemically formulated personal care products, and household cleaners.

A Trane CleanEffects can filter up to 99.98% of all airborne allergens from the filtered air, down to .1 microns for a cleaner, more comfortable home. And because it doesn’t clog, air return is not diminished, unlike other air filtration systems. So it delivers cleaner, better conditioned air. And more of it.

TRANE CleanEffects is the industry benchmark verified by experts who make it their business to know about clean air. Key among them is Dr. John Spengler, Ph.D, professor at Harvard School of Public Health and co-founder of Environmental Health and Engineering, Inc., a consulting and engineering services company dedicated to ensuring safe and productive environments. Dr. Spengler and his company have verified that TRANE CleanEffectsTM is uniquely capable of reducing airborne pollutants, and of creating a clean, comfortable climate in your home.

TRANE CleanEffects was also tested by LMS Technologies, Inc., a company that specializes in airflow measurement, filtration testing, and particle analysis and the amount and quality of clean air delivered by TRANE CleanEffects was judged to be second to none.

heating services

Air Handlers

Incorporating the right airside products into a HVAC air handling system is a critical part of creating world-class performance. By helping you select the right air handling system, we can help address indoor air quality issues such as temperature and humidity, ventilation, mold, bacteria, other particulate matter, and noise.

heating services

Packed Systems

Packed systems are like a two-for-one on reliable heating and cooling, maximizing the efficiency of two machines in one sleek unit. Choose from all-electric systems, gas/electric or the dual fuel option of EarthWise™ Hybrid for a more eco-minded spin.

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