Kyle Buker: Not All Hero’s Wear Capes


On Tuesday night, June 8th at 10:00pm, Brian Bernier, an Accurate Baker Elman Technician, received a call from his nephew who is a member of the Blackstone Police Department. He was with 91 year old Kathleen A. from Blackstone, MA. Her air conditioner had stopped working and she could not get anyone to come out and fix the unit on a day where the temperature hit 95 degrees Fahrenheit. She became worried for her health and called the police, who went out to her house to assist her.

The Blackstone Police Officer made an emergency call to us at 10:15pm to alert our on-call tech about Kathleen’s air conditioner unit. Our tech received the message and knew that Kyle lived close by. Kyle was not assigned to be on-call that night but once he heard about Kathleen’s situation, he headed out to her home. After replacing the contactor and some wire repairs, he was able to get her air conditioner functioning properly. Kyle also noted down a few other repairs that would be helpful to keep the unit running efficiently for follow-up the next day. When the General Manager, Joe Benvissuto, heard about Kyle and how he had fixed Kathleen’s air conditioner late at night, he decided that the services were free of charge.

Accurate Baker Elman would like to thank the Blackstone Police for all of their help. These small acts of kindness can easily go unnoticed, but we hope to share this story to show how the local police and our HVAC tech, Kyle Buker, came together to help out a community member in need.


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