In order to take care of our health, we try to get enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy and drink water but your indoor air quality affects your health as well. It’s time to include healthy and clean indoor air quality when thinking about ways to take care of yourself. Before choosing a filter, check out the useful information below:

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values)
This rating is based on a filter’s ability to capture particles between 0.3 and 10 microns. This rating can be helpful when comparing the performance of different filters. The highest MERV available is 16 and naturally the highest MERV should perform the best, however, the higher the rating, the more specific the filter is to trapping certain types of particles. You also have to take into consideration the type of HVAC system and which MERV rated filter works best for your system. MERV 13 and above are considered hospital grade. Since a hospital’s HVAC system must run throughout the entire hospital building, the system is powerful enough to push the right amount of air through the filter. However, if you install a MERV 13 grade filter in a residential system it would be like trying to blow air out of a straw. Some residential systems may not be powerful enough to push the right amount of air through a MERV 13 grade filter. It is always best to consult an HVAC Tech about the type of filter that would work with your system, otherwise, your system will be working overtime trying to get the house to the right temperature. Additionally, talk with your HVAC Tech to see if there is a lower MERV filter that when installed could filter air just as well as a MERV 16 filter.

Humidity Control
Unbalanced humidity can be a real danger to your health and to your biggest investment – your home. If the humidity in your house is too high, it could cause wood to warp or mold and mildew stains on the walls but too low and the wood will splinter and you may experience negative health effects.

The humidity levels in your home should be maintained between 40% and 60% to decrease bacteria growth, viruses in the air, respiratory infection and allergy and asthma symptoms while also protecting the structural integrity of your home. The humidity in your home can even affect the inside temperature causing your air conditioner or heating system to work overtime. The next time you notice that the temperature in your home is uncomfortable consider humidity control as a solution.

Apilaire Healthy Air System
The Aprilaire Healthy Air System can be an excellent upgrade for your HVAC system. The system is made up of three parts:

  1. Air Ventilator
    Aprilaire’s air ventilator uses a mechanical ventilation system to push fresh air into your home. This ventilation system also helps to reduce in-home moisture. Aprilaire’s 8145 air ventilator model was awarded the Most Efficient 2020 by Energy Star. When considering different air purifiers be aware of those that produce ozone. This colorless, toxic gas can cause major respiratory illnesses.
  2. Air Filter
    Aprilaire filters can be the difference between a good or bad allergy or flu season. Air filters help to reduce pet dander, mold spores, gases, chemicals, smoke and airborne allergens. Aprilaire’s MERV 13 and MERV 16 filters were included in the Consumer Reports’ 2020 Air Filter Ratings. Learn more here.
  3. Humidity Control
    Energy Star recognized Aprilaire’s e-series and ventilating dehumidifiers as the most efficient dehumidifiers on the market. They are capable of providing 23% annual energy savings above other conventional products. When deciding about your indoor air quality keep the seasonal humidity changes in mind.
    Learn more here.

Another option to consider when looking into your indoor air quality is iWave.

How it Works

The iWave uses their new patented technology called needlepoint bipolar ionization which uses carbon fiber brushes to produce a refined electrical charge to clean the air in residential and commercial buildings. iWave also reduces pollutants like smoke, odors and certain viruses and can be installed in most air conditioning or heating system. iWaves had a third party test run by NPBI Technology to learn more about the types of viruses the iWave can remove from the air. You can find the report here.

Unlike other air filtration systems, some iWave models require very little maintenance.

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No matter which system you choose, your overall health will improve two fold with your new high qualilty indoor air filter. Whether you live with pets and are worried about dander, saliva and fur or you suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma, upgrading your HVAC with an air purifying system will improve the health of your family and your home.

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