Next summer homeowners who have decided to hang-on to their A/C Equipment that was built before 2010 may end up facing an unpleasant surprise. Air conditioning equipment manufactured before 2010 was produced for units that used R-22 Refrigerant which harms the ozone layer. The government started to phase out R-22 Refrigerant in 2013 and as of January 1, 2020, the refrigerant R-22 became illegal to manufacture and sell. Not only will there now be a fixed supply of R-22 only available through recycling programs and at a very steep price but manufacturers are no longer producing the parts needed for A/C systems built before 2010.

Some homeowners may hang-on to their systems and find that the repairs needed are relatively easy. For example, electrical issues or too much noise but those who have to call for repairs on their compressor or coils could end up finding themselves in a long line with all the other homeowners who are calling for the same repairs on their system that was built before 2010. As if being stuck in the middle of a heat wave with no A/C isn’t bad enough, you will also be faced with the financial burden of having to replace your entire system because the parts for the repair are no longer available.

There is plenty of time before Summer 2022 to decide what you would like to do with you’re antiquated A/C system. Call your local HVAC company and get a free estimate on how much it would cost to replace your system. Once you know the cost, you can start to plan for the install. Planning ahead will guarantee that next summer you won’t be running to the hardware store to buy portable A/C units only to find that everyone in your same position already bought them all.

Additional Resources for Planning Ahead

  1. MassSave Rebates can help make replacing your air-conditioning system more affordable. Mass Save® offers a variety of rebates to residential electric customers for installing qualified high-efficiency central air conditioning systems, central heat pumps, air to water heat pumps and more. They also offer financing with 0% interest for up to 84 months. We are a MassSave Partner and can help you with the process. Learn more.
  2. Wilson Brother’s Financing we also offer financing through Synchrony. You can read more details on our Financing Options page and apply online from our website. Learn more.




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