How to Care for Your Boiler

Any boiler can last between 10-15 years, however with the proper care, a boiler can last between 20-25 years. A high efficiency boiler is a forced hot water system. The boiler heats the water inside and then sends the hot water up through pipes which circulates the hot water throughout your house either by circulator pumps or zone valves. The heat then releases through the vents in your floor. High efficiency boilers are nothing new but we now know more about how to extend their life – water treatment. Old school boilers were huge and they held a lot of water but water treatment was not a concern. Today’s high efficiency boilers have much smaller water pipes which clog easier. Any debris building inside will reduce system efficiency and cause major service problems. 

If the water in your boiler is untreated, the boiler will start to corrode away and need to be replaced much sooner than its life expectancy. Here are a few preventative measures you can take to extend the life of your high efficiency boiler with ongoing water treatments. 

The water that is stored in the boiler can have gasses, minerals, particulates and organics and when left without treatment, the pH can become unbalanced allowing for oxygen to dissolve and corrode the inside of your boiler. Over time sludge, mud and other contaminants will begin to build up on the bottom. Without ongoing water treatments your high efficiency boiler will not be adequately heating your home and may even lead to complete system failure.

Water hardness can also effect the health of your boiler. Water hardness is determined by the levels of calcium and magnesium in the water. If the levels are off, as the water is heated scales will start to form that build up in the system. The scale buildup will lead to reduced efficiency, cracking, leaking and could even shut down your system completely.

Aside from water hardness, the quality of your water can cause scale build-up. When the cause of your system failure is due to water quality and scale build-up, the manufacturer’s warranty is void. Many boiler manufacturers require that minimum water quality standards must be maintained or the warranty will not apply. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines and keep up with your annual boiler maintenance to stay within the warranty and enjoy your boiler for up to 25 years.


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