In today’s world, indoor air quality and ventilation are crucial to keeping your home safe from air pollutants not only due to COVID-19 but also due to other natural disasters like the wildfires in California. People are more aware than ever about the pollutants in the air they breath like dust, dirt, smog and pollen which can irritate asthma, allergies and other illnesses. Many in the HVAC industry see this as an innovative opportunity to be able to provide customers with more control over their indoor air quality with UV-C light solutions.

Germicidal UV-C lights are not a new technology but how the HVAC industry is utilizing the UV-C lights to meet customer demand is something we have not seen before. Germicidal UV-C lights have been installed inside HVAC systems to keep the coils and the passing air clean, however, homeowners are beginning to wonder if what they have installed is enough to kill airborne viruses. With the right amount of UV-C light, the DNA of a virus is disrupted and the virus becomes harmless. The installation of a UV-C disinfecting system requires a comprehensive assessment of the HVAC system in order to install the UV-C lights effectively. Some components of the system if too close to the UV-C light may begin to degrade. The correct amount of Germicidal UV-C light to kill COVID-19 is still being researched but UV-C lights have been proven to kill the flu and other airborne illnesses making the decision to install one still a smart choice.

With the addition of a new UV-C light system, homeowners will have to keep the bulb’s lifespan in mind when scheduling their annual HVAC maintenance check. The bulbs virus killing strength eventually wears out and becomes ineffective. Their lifespan can be anywhere between one or two years, however, don’t assume that since the bulb is lit that it is still working. The light emitted from the UV-C bulb is unrelated to their effectiveness. At Accurate Baker Elman we include the UV-C light system check with our annual Comfort+Plus Membership to make sure the UV-C light system is running efficiently and effectively to keep your home clean and safe.

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